Why Reading Should be Embedded in a Country’s Culture

In the words of Meeta Sengupta (a speaker, writer and an advisor on education)  “It is in times like these when one goes back to the drawing board and takes a look at the basics-such as reading”,  she emphasize the importance of reading in context with today’s invariably changing scenario. In her article on why reading should be embedded in a country’s culture, she talks about the helplessness of people who could not read along with the merits of this essentiality and how to go about improving it, in a clear and concise manner. She narrates the plight of people who cannot read as a tabu to better economic conditions. There are stats given from the UNESCO 2012 report which clearly show the astonishing number of people who cannot read. To add to the predicament, the writer expresses the inability of the efforts carried out by the government and non-government organizations to tackle this issue. On a brighter note however, she expresses a few ways by which reading can be encouraged. One of the relevant ways to do this is by encouraging this activity at an earlier age among kids with the introduction of some sort of an incentive. Then she emphasized on the need to improve support and community efforts in this field. Another prominent point which she mentions in her article is the need to bring about a reading revolution in the society. Organizations that are currently pursuing such efforts including the Read Alliance are highly praised within the article.

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