When READ express TRAvels!

How much can change from one city to another when you are offering the same service/objective preposition. We started from Delhi, then to Mumbai and moved to Bangalore, covering three cities in 10 days; carrying standees (those who carry would know!) stationary (never seen so much) and A-1’s, A-3’s and A-4’s (these confuse me). Yes, we were visiting these cities conducting innovation workshops for READ Alliance, the idea behind these workshops was to engage corporates, ed-tech’s, educators, NGO’s and come up with new ideas/innovations around early grade reading.
We got response in Delhi, even better in Mumbai but Bangalore! was amazing (the energy was superb). Now why is it so? may be it was our first event in Bangalore (mine and READ’s) or we optimized on Delhi and Mumbai events? i don’t know the answer but i know that it feels good to see people (more the better), meet the passionate one’s, hear the noise in the room & experience good talks (ADS). More events might help us finding the answers.
That’s all, by the way this isn’t the first time i am writing but this indeed is my first blog post and i will keep writing.
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