What is the role of Social Media in Education?

Educationists everywhere have been talking about the transformation of education through technology. Many have predicted that the interactive internet, the web 2.0, and social media platforms are going to play a huge role in the future of education. This may well be true, especially with the rise of MOOCs and online education, but there’s a need to discuss this in more depth, to examine what different platforms allow and how exactly these tools can be used for more effective learning. Without knowing how exactly facebook or twitter or any other platform can be utilized, and without defining what exactly one hopes to accomplish through the platform, it isn’t possible to know whether it really works or doesn’t.

I spoke recently with Dr. Murli Nagasundaram (www.murli.com) about this, who had some great insights and will be joining us for a tweet chat on the subject this Friday at 5pm. Dr. Murli is an expert on creativity, innovation and design thinking with particular reference to management innovation and business/experience design. He has worked in both academia and industry in both India and the U.S., and has also had some experience working with startups. He is especially interested in exploring the cognitive and social sciences and is fascinated by the promise and potential of digital technologies. This makes him an excellent person to talk about the emerging role of social media in education. Join us for this tweet chat, which will cover questions like:

. Can social media be used effectively for education and learning?
. How best can we use specific platforms like facebook, twitter and pinterest for education?
. What are some examples of social media being used for education? Have they been successful?

When: Friday, Februrary 1st, at 5pm.*
How: Follow and tweet with #adiantas to be a part of the conversation. Also follow @murliman and @adiantaDOTorg on twitter.

*This Tweet chat has been rescheduled for Friday, 8th December, at 4 pm.

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