Welcome to Samvat 2070

The past eleven months, since we held our last Design Public Conclave, have been extraordinary and difficult. I have been involved in building the Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation, the USAID funded Read Alliance program, and the Bihar Innovation Lab, all of which have gone from conception to proposal to running and operational program in the same period.

It’s been a while that I’ve been on this blog, and in the interim, I know, it has appeared erratic and silent at the same time. I wish I could have actually blogged on all this change that has been underway, but it was all I could do to just keep things moving and keep them together. We’re now moving towards a period of more public operations and it is now possible to speak publicly of things that have not yet been ready for unveiling.

There is also one new program or project, on which we’re working with partners, but which we may be more free to discuss publicly even while it takes conceptual shape: this is the idea for a new kind of startup space dedicated to achieving social impact, which would enable new ventures to be better conceptualized in relation to the communities they seek to serve. It may have a physical-spatial aspect at first, but we would like it to eventually be networked into the rest of the social ventures ecosystem. It is because of everything else that we’ve been doing, and the new dialogues and conversations that have taken shape that this new possibility has come about. Public conversation really is the foundation of all new opportunities.

The image above is from Halloween last Thursday, just before the long Diwali weekend — six Jack O’Lanterns welcome Sri into our space of work and play and creativity. I have been making New Year’s resolutions for the year Samvat 2070, which we have just begun. Some of these are personal, others large and social, and some will impinge on the Design Public Blog and its future direction. I’ll be back with them shortly. Samvat Mubarakbad!

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