!!! WELCOME 2015 !!!


Another December season envelops a year gone by, and I bid adieu to 2014, in hope of some great times ahead at CKS. Earlier this week at Christmas, Secret Santas unknowingly chose their santees, when everyone was invited to choose from a glass bowl filled with names of their colleagues.

Once that was done, we frantically pondered on what could surprise our santees this Christmas ?

#What could it be?

Handmade souvenirs, local delicacies (chicken rolls?), books ( add them to your pending list), funky T shirts, cozy cushions(to snooze away yet another Christmas eve?), of course nothing could beat that bottle of rum 😛


BUrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp !!!  Credits:http://holidaydoodles.com/?m=201307

Munching on my plate of walnut macaroons this New Years eve, I have a fuzzy feeling that I am on the verge of maxing out my credit card limits tonight. Maybe I should, 2014 is ending after all !!!

Thank you Santa for the presents :)

Thank you Santa for the presents 🙂

Wishing you all the very best this New Year and a buffet of memories in the upcoming year…


Look what I got !!!

 A few resolutions still pending, and I do promise not break them this 2015 ; hopefully…

!!! WELCOME 2015 !!!

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