Farmers Use Waste-Water to Grow Vegetables

Near a small town of Vijayapura in Karnataka, farmers came up with a brilliant innovation to start using the town’s waste-water to grow fodder and vegetables in order to fight extreme water shortage in the area.

When fields started to go dry due to severe water shortage in the area, Sonne Gowda did what everyone normally does – dug a bore-well 1100 feet deep. It went dry in 3 months. He paid 450,000 for it and lost 300,000 in the process. Many semi-arid areas in India have bore-wells that go routinely dry because of overuse of groundwater. Digging yet another borewell does not change the situation.

The farmers near the small town of Vijayapura, Karnataka, faced a similar issue. Apart from the great loss in money, they also had no easy ways to eke out a living.

*Story leads from Arghyam. Posted by zenrainman (@zenrainman on twitter)

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