Videos from Pecha Kucha Night #17: Creative Entrepreneurship (2/2)

As I mentioned in my last blogpost, long-awaited videos of presentations from Pecha Kucha Night #17 have finally been uploaded. While the first five videos can be found in the previous blog, here are the remaining four excellent presentations on Creative Entrepreneurship.

Kethaki Nair, Generation Enterprise and Teach for India
Kethaki Nair, who is a Fellow at Teach for India, also works for Generation Enterprise. She talked about her work there, which involves teaching low-income youth various aspects of entrepreneurship, from making a business plan to developing their idea, getting funding, and much more. There are also less tangible things to teach in entrepreneurship, including values like teamwork and how to be resourceful and sustainable. These kinds of values, in fact, are not just useful for building businesses, but also for building community, strengthening interpersonal relationships, and for imparting such soft learning to young students.

Nikhel Mahajan, Audio Ashram and Radio 79
Nikhel Mahajan, founder of Audio Ashram, Radio 79 and several other offshoot venture including a magazine and a cafe, spoke next, not so much about being an entrepreneur, but about pursuing your creativity and vision. He talked about the three ‘S’s that are most important: Satsang, which is having the company of the right people, Satguru is the goal, and Sadhana is working to achieve that goal. Besides this, Nikhel also talked about how he didn’t quite fit in at school or college – in fact, he was expelled from both – and preferred to spend his time painting and listening to music, which became both his passion and his inspiration for all that came next, including the birth of Audio Ashram.

Anand Vemuri, 91 Springboard
Anand Vemuri, co-founder of 91 Springboard, a co-working space and startup incubator that’s only been running for a couple of months now. He talked about how the idea developed over some time, starting with the fact that they wanted to work in the incubator / early-stage startup space, but wanted to be really involved, and not just signing checks. A lot of the early research, talking to different startups, showed them that everything can be done in India, but that it can take longer and be a little harder than it needs to be. 91 Springboard, then, helps startups overcome some of these challenges of funds, legal issues, even space, and works closely with early-stage startups to help them conceptualize, build and launch their initiatives.

Hanumant Khanna, Quick Brown Fox
Hanumant Khanna, co-founder of the design studio Quick Brown Fox, was our final speaker. His presentation covered three great challenges of being a designer and working for someone else, which include time, or the lack of it, the lack of ownership for the things you create, and finally, the lack of inspiration you sometimes feel in a 9-5 job, working under a deadline, and so on. After a few years of working under these constraints, he decided to start his own venture with his partner, Sujay. And this, the importance of having the right partner, who complements and advances your own talents and skills, was the biggest takeaway from his presentation.

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