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2nd February 2015: It’s been a while since the Vaccine Delivery kit has posted any updates. Well, justifiably so. We’ve been caught in a maelstrom of activity; what with three new members joining the team. It’s been a flurry of activity complete with brainstorming, conceptualizing and scale mock-ups. More on that in the next post. This post is going to focus instead on a Branding Workshop we just did with the BIL team.

The BIL Team

The BIL Team

The success of the kit is dependent to a large extent on how well we are able to position the frontline healthcare workers as competent, consummate professionals. The intention is to create a service that looks, feels, and is professional in all its aspects; thereby reducing the number of dropouts from the immunization program. It is to this end that we are trying to brand the kit and create an identity around it. The intent of the workshop was to help us begin with the identity creation, from the name to the elements that form the logo to whether or not we should have a slogan.

We kicked of the workshop with a quick brainstorm on the elements that the BIL team thought were integral to the kit. Elements that would help form the backbone of what the logo should communicate.  Seven words were picked, based on a voting system, of sorts*. These were as follows.

1) Quality of Care,

2) Professional,

3) Holistic,

4) Organised,

5) Portable,

6) Protection and

7) Dependable.


Brainstorm on 'dependable'

Brainstorm on ‘dependable’

We then looked for visual imagery that would help illustrate these words. For example a shield helps illustrate what protection could stand for. A quick coffee break and we were back in business.

Next on the agenda was criterion for selecting the name of the kit. A list of factors/guidelines; ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’, essentially. The criterion was shortlisted, again by voting and we moved on to ideas for names. There were quite a few that ran along similar threads. Rakshak, Saathi and Sampurna were words that really seemed to tickle the BIL team’s fancy.

The intention, as evidenced by the choice in names, was pretty clear. We were all thinking of the kit in terms of a protector or a savior. We were looking at it as a complete unit, the smallest healthcare unit at the village level. There was also a fairly intense discussion on whether the name should be easy to register and something that the target audience is familiar with or, whether it should represent a contrast for better brand recall. The conclusion? We’ll let you know as soon as we know

Post its make us happy.

‘Post its’ make us happy.

Nothing is set in stone yet but we have quite a few exciting possibilities to try out in the field. The branding and development of the visual language has definitely got what I’d like to call a booster shot and we now have a solid foundation that needs to be built on.  Like they say, genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nice percent perspiration. With the Delhi summers around the corner, I hope that’s not the literal truth.

*The voting system was based on giving five votes to every person on the team. The vote was expressed with a tick mark on the ‘post it’ that had the idea/notion. The post its with the most ticks ‘won’, so to say.

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