Values and the way its valued: Brief overview of Pecha Kucha Night #20 (Part-I)

The clock struck 6 in the evening, and our official working hours are over. Its time for the Pecha Kucha Night on ‘Values’ at the Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation in Chattarpur Enclave. It started with a bit of hustling, last minute preparation still continuing and in the meanwhile speakers and guests started arriving. We, the Adianta team were on our toes, running from the venue to our work studio, managing the music, projector, sending last minute notes to Aditya Dev Sood, Chairperson-
Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation for his opening speech. The humid temperature made it a more sweaty evening, but as more and more people started pouring in, to join us for session, it felt like the hard work finally paid off. Everybody started interacting with the speakers. The beers and momos made everyone feel a little lighter. The music suggested by Radio 79, one of the sponsors for the evening added to the mood and the ambience. Once the speakers and guests were all seated, Aditya started with introducing everyone with the concept of Pecha Kucha and his remarks about it as an informal platform for, “ gup shup or bak-bak”. He updated everyone about Adianta’s workshops and the new projects under Centre for Knowledge Studies headed by him.

After the introduction and excitement awaiting for the speakers to begin, it kickstarted with Daniel Radcliffe from Gates foundation followed by Urwashi Prasad from Dell Foundation,  Isha Gupta from Halabol, Shashi Singh from CWEI, Risabh Mehra from Musejam, Sid Talwar from GSF, Namit Arora from, Pankaj Jain from Impact Law Ventures. Each of them had their own perspectives on the theme, which they put forward in the 20 x 20 format. Every slide presentation that followed kept the audience engaged in the flow of the conversation. Presentations were a mix of personal and professional views on values. While some focussed more on entrepreneurial ventures: personal and professional, others were more aligned towards social values, empowerment, technology and social media. Every presentation made by the speakers had a continuity to it, keeping the curiosity of the participants and audience alive. Each of them addressed it from different angles through stories, real-life experience, facts etc. The evening ended with an intense discussion and a Q&A  session put forward by the audience present, along with the Aditya making an announcement about the Global Pecha Kucha Night happening on the 20th September 2013, at the Adianta campus. All in all, it was an exhilarating, inspiring and an insightful experience with the best speakers putting forward their ideas and presentations.

We will be updating a brief overview of each of the speakers in the upcoming blogposts. Stay tuned!

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