US invests $21 Million in BioFuel Research in India

As India’s population and energy needs explode, and citizens are struggling to pay for their fuel and transportation needs, there is a recognized and concerted effort to develop alternative fuels from bio waste and other sources, to reduce the dependency on petroleum and diesel. This April, the U.S. launched a five-year, $125 million alternative energy research project with India, aimed partly at developing biofuels from non-food crops. Sangeeta Haindl from 3BL Media/Justmeans reports:

This new endeavour is called the ‘Joint Clean Energy Research and Development Centre‘ (JCERDC) and also includes solar and energy efficiency components led by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The biofuels part of this social innovation project totals approximately $21 million for a team that includes the University of Florida, the University of Missouri, Virginia Tech, Montclair State University, Texas A&M University, Show Me Energy Cooperative and Green Technologies. The Indian team is headed by the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology.

The social innovation project is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and is part of a larger attempt that provides America a chance to leverage private sector investment in an international fund focused on developing South Asia’s alternative energy resources.

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