UNDP’s Thought Leadership on Governance Innovation

Collaborative approaches to social and public forms of innovation are being explored as means for improving the reach, access and quality of public services. The UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence, for instance, has partnered with Social Innovation Camp Asia to explore a number of new solutions and possibilities. These might take the form of mobile phone apps, new social enterprises, or even platforms for co-creation of public policy. These diverse innovation approaches might variously address demand side issues (tools for citizens), support the supply side (tools for public servants) or even bridge the gap between the two.

Arndt Hussar, Policy Specialist, Global Centre for Public Service Excellence at UNDP, Singapore who is also going to be a key speaker at the Design Public Conclave has shared with us a number of resources on the idea of Public Service Innovation Labs, Collaborative Capacities, Public Service Motivation and Social Innovation.

Public Service Innovation Lab
The Public Service Innovation Lab is an effort by UNDP’s Global Centre for Public Excellence to bring social innovation and design-thinking to the attention of policy and decision makers engaged in public service reform.

Design and Public Sector Innovation – Sharing Perspectives from different Countries
 We are currently making solutions that are fitted for the system rather than the citizens. There is a lot common despite the different geographic, institutional and cultural contexts. Design and innovation are needed strategies, but countries are still finding their ways to best embrace them.

Issue Brief on Collaborative Capacities
UNDP’s collaborative capacities offering aims to create an enabling environment for effective collaboration and stronger organizational capacities for collaboration, complementing the existing body of work that focuses on individual skills and competencies for collaboration.

Issue Brief on Reinvigorating Public Service

Morale and motivation can be reinvigorated through better incentives and new approaches that recreate self-respect and the respect of the public. The result will be better outcomes and faster progress towards achieving development goals.

Development Impact & You (Toolkit) Rockefeller Foundation and Nesta (2014) with contributions from UNDP
The Development Impact and You toolkit has been specially designed for practitioners to dive straight into action. The tools presented are grounded in existing theories and practices of innovation, design, and business development.


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