Understanding the Post-Consumer Waste Industry: Assignments from Adianta

When we at the Adianta School talk about Learning by Doing, we’re often asked what that means and how we approach this kind of education. This series of posts will feature some of the assignments that we’re developing for the curriculum. These assignments are aligned to one or more of the modules within our nine-square curriculum, and are designed to teach our students the specific skills encapsulated within those modules.

The assignment above is aligned with Build:101, which will teach students how to develop innovative business models that take important elements such sustainability and scalability into consideration. This assignment will help our students learn:

. how to understand different business models
. how to plan new enterprises
. how to manage the financial dimensions of an enterprise

Through this interactive assignment, students will learn about the basic principles of finance, accounting and strategy that innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders need. Going forward from here, there will learn how apply these principles to the development of a real-life plan for launching a sustainable business.

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