Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? (The Importance of Communication)

dou3Communication in the Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Start-up space is of the utmost importance for several reasons : Life in these ecosystems is based on the quick and dynamic nature of systems, processes and the nature of knowledge sharing. The pace that this happens at can be quite break neck (Have you seen the speed at which Twitter timelines move? ). There are probably a dozen more reasons to highlight the importance of communication and readable (because if you’re speaking a language that only you and/or your team understand, chances are the rest of geek world we belong to will not really care past the first 3 sentences) content dissemination . For starters, we’ll stick to the aforementioned ones.

While I’ve heard Herr Doktor mention someone say that blogs are becoming defunct, I would strongly disagree with that. Blogs bring out a first person view of what goes on and how, thus lending life to a report, process, system etc that is being spoken about. This sets it apart from a random report or research based piece/paper being published. Not that these are bad things or should be looked down upon, it’s just that blogs are a little more engaging and will garner the right kind of interest no matter what because they are meant to come across as a conversation (even if slightly like a monologue). These conversations, because they are essentially ‘thought-speak’ in some sense, will be slightly simplified versions of the hardcore academic content that one tends to put into a research based piece/paper. The end result – readers end up (by and large, assuming that you haven’t written your blog trying to be Sheldon Cooper minus the pop-culture sci-fi loving side of him) feeling as if they’re having a face to face chat with you about what you’re trying (I use trying here because it is yet entirely unseen as to whether you are successful in saying what you want to say) to say.

Once you’ve written your blog, there still remains the task of getting it out there. Sure, you can call people, dictate the URL to them if that’s your thing  (because you’re so hipster), or email the link to people because it works for you.

However, at times like this, Twitter and Facebook are very simple and powerful tools to ‘disseminate’ this (these) blog(s). While Twitter can be anything you want it to be, including something where you have one word tweets which are extremely cryptic and probably mean nothing to anyone else but you, it is quite the quick access simple release forum. Shorten your blog URL and tweet it out telling twitter-verse that you’ve written something that you want them to read. Trust me, rooftop shouting is extremely underrated in cyberspace. On the other hand, if you’re going to blog, and just leave it there, to quote our very own version of Jean-Luc Picard , ” It’s like 3 of you gathering in an empty room and yelling your heads off to make random noises that no one will ever hear. ”

Some basic rules, tools and other such ideas :

– Let blogging be an outlet to speak your mind.

-Writing in whatever way, twitter or blogs, should come as second nature.

-If you have something to say, say it, and not just to yourself when you visit the loo.

-If you say it, it needs to be heard.

-Blogging and NOT tweeting is like reading your own research to yourself in your head and NOT telling anyone about it.

(Yes, those 3 points were repetitive – Just to get the point across)

-We believe that your work is important, and that’s why we ask you to write and tell people about it, else we’d put you in an isolated room and say scream all you want.

-Shorten your URLs

-Tweet about them

-Tag your entity and others in tweets

-Post it on Facebook.

-Heck, post it wherever else you want as well as long as you get it out there

-A strategy is like a car, and tweets/posts are like gas. So if a twitter/blog/content strategy has to work, there have to be publishable posts. That being said, we built a car quite a while back, but fuel quantities have been pretty scarce (I’m going to let you draw a parallel there, if you can’t, come and ask me, I’d be happy to help).

-Learn to have conversations (even if it is a game of pretend) outside your immediate peers and people who understand when you talk geek.

N.B. – We’re all geeks of some kind over here at Vihara, and each of us speaks our own dialect of Geek, but everyone still speaks, converses in and understands English(i guess) when it comes to common ground.

Let’s get this show on the road, there’s so much brilliant stuff happening at Vihara all across the board, I think it’s time we all understood that this board needs to be showcased. Rooftop shouting people, NOT the Twilight Bark .

Teamwork is the key.

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