Tracing ColourNext 2014

ColourNext, an ardent venture by Asian paints was conceived in 2002 following an urge to provide India with its very own colour forecast complimenting the diversity of our country and to give a structured direction to the design community in India.

Post the liberalization during the 90’s India was exposed to the globalization boom, the impact was absorbed by the elite society, at large, who became more mediated and urbanized, leading to a sophisticated worldview including design, experience and even colour. With senses being bombarded with rich and immersive experiences, people’s expectation of and negotiation with the artistic receptivity increased.  This has also resulted in mushrooming of a class of consumer who are instinctively attuned to better visual sensibilities.

ColourNext is a unique effort to celebrate the being of colour, creativity and designs. It focuses on comprehending India’s rapidly maturing aesthetic moods and causal changes in the pragmatic ways, based on an in-depth research into visual and societal trends, expert interviews, creative workshops and focus group discussions.  Adding to this is the imaginative way of using themes to present findings that are holistic, creative and directly usable for India’s design society.

Having mapped a decade long exciting journey of foresight and creativity, ColourNext was regarded to be much ahead of time when it was first presented. The project continues to be one of the foremost forecasts for Indian Interiors. In its future editions, ColourNext aspires to track the modern India, its belief, value systems, preferences and aesthetic sensibilities to make sense of contemporary India and where it is heading.

Over the period of time, the ColourNext endeavor has been refined, tweaked and nurtured to create processes that are more urbane and deliver outputs that are conjoint with India’s altering phizog.

With a quest to determine the most captivating colour story of the year, ColourNext always begins with a data mining activity. The research is followed by various rounds seeking expert insights. A visual vocabulary is crafted using the acumen from these phases depicting a rich and vivid picture of the current and future trend patterns in India. Leading designers and thinkers from across India are invited to gauge the findings in a series of creative workshops that lead to a systematic translation of the insights into impactful narratives, colour stories and themes. These themes are further calibrated and shortlisted and are finally articulated visually in forms of installations and other experiential design methods.

The past year has been revolutionizing in essence for the country, the number of highs equalled the number of lows and transported us to a world where being vocal, collaborating, getting tuned to self is the way to be.  After an earnest study of the recent modifications and trends in context of lifestyle, fashion, technology, economy, architecture and designs and society at large, ColourNext 2014, can rightly be summed up as the celebration of the transition via themes that have overtones of co-existence, sensitization and personalisation.

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