Tracing ColourNext 2013

ColourNext is a colour trend forecasting initiative for Indian interiors, conducted by Asian Paints in collaboration with CKS. The object of ColourNext is to study and truly understand evolving aesthetic moods in India based on in-depth research into visual and societal trends, expert interviews, and focus group discussions. Over the past ten years ColourNext has traveled an exciting journey of foresight and creativity. Regarded to be much ahead of time when it was presented for the first time in 2003, ColourNext remains to be one of the foremost forecasts for Indian Interiors.

Every year leading designers and aesthetes in India come together,through ColourNext, to explore changing consumer behavior, draw inspiration and identify the forthcoming trends which are then brought to life through stories narrated via distinct visual and colour vocabularies. This well curated process involves understanding hanging magnitudes of the society and its impact on design and décor choices. By combining the science of research with visionary design sensibilities, each year ColourNext evolves theme and design directions to inspire a fresh design vocabulary and reveal new consumer segments.

Here is an iconographic giving an overview of the process followed this year:

ColourNext 2013 culminated with conception of five themes. In Year 2012 that marked the beginning of ColourNext’s tenth year, ColourNext Dialogues was conceived with a purpose of celebrating these successful years of colour forecasting as well as to present the themes to the larger audience  The conclave enters its second year this time and will bring bring together relevant experts to discuss the social, psychological, emotive associations and design consequences of these emerging colour directions. To know more about the event click here .

About Neha Ahlawat

Neha Ahlawat is Associate Director- Innovation at the Center for Knowledge Societies. She is interested in exploring new approaches in ethnographic inquiry and design analysis for guiding social innovation and seeking integration between business development and design strategy.
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