Three Approaches to Governance Innovation — Bugle Call for DP5!

Design Public has always been something of a fever that rises within this organization and its wider network, coming to a pitch, often permanently changing the way we work, live life and do business. There have been four editions so far, in three different cities of India. We’re now back with a bang, to talk about inclusive, participatory, smarter and open governance in India and how this will impact the different sectors of our society.

I submit that there are already three different communities working on rethinking and reforming governmentality:

(i) The Business Process Reformers: This group of people hopes to change quality standards and decisioning metrics from the inside including through the use of design and innovation methods. We at CKS also come from this space to some extent.

(ii) The Open Data Open Gov Geeks: One must have the utmost respect and affection for this community, and we realize that they have something important to teach us. It is hard work to learn the arcania of what is going on in this space and to make it work for new businesses and social enterprises that actually want to make things better for people.

(iii) The Participatory and Inclusive Government Activists: This group has also organized and mobilized as anti-corruption activists and now as political parties, Lok Satta in southern India and Aam Admi Party in northern India. But beyond their political structure, this group of thought leaders also have a number of actionable ideas for how to make governance operate more effectively, transparently and effectively.

None of these groups can be truly successful in their aims without engaging and learning to speak the language of the other. That’s why we’ve put together this one-day Conclave to figure out how we can best bring about citizen-centric governance.

March 14th 2014. Save the date for entire day.

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