The Goa Project: A Unique Social Experiment

I’m pleased to announce that Aditya Dev Sood will be speaking on entrepreneurship at the Goa Project next month. The Goa Project is the coming together of entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, designers, social workers and film-makers. Of 350 of the most interesting people on the planet at the same place. Thinkers, doers, performers, visionaries and many more will be a part of this unique experiment. As the organizers say, the Goa Project belongs to you.

A little bit of SXSW, a little bit of TED, a small sprinkling of Burning Man, and still a lot more.

It is where the sum is greater than the parts. Where 2+2=5. Where diverse ideas, unique perspectives, different schools of thought come together to create something that is much larger than the original constituents.

It’s a mashup of six tracks: entrepreneurism, performing arts & music, society, visual arts, film, and fringe. With a whole lot of fun sprinkled on top. It is where everyone is a participant, no one is an attendee.

It is where you interact, play, mash up your ideas in front of the most unconventional minds you’ll ever see. You could teach people anything from origami to chocolate-making. Or learn how to design elegant Indian typefaces and survive among a TV-watching audience of a billion. Debate what it means to be happy, free, and whether life inherently has any meaning at all. Get inspired by stories of zero to millions without a penny of funding. Create live music with fifty other people sitting in a room.

Where logic meets creativity. Creativity meets logic. And they have beautiful babies together.

Where you take your mind beyond its everyday horizon.

It is where you have a big laugh, a small dance, a couple of beers, a lot of conversation, all of it by the beach. Its where you’ll make new friends for life.

The Goa Project is unconference. Its a festival. It’s a show-and-tell, teach-in, and jam session. How is it all these things at once? Because that’s what you need in an event promises to help you harness your creativity and bring your dreams to life. And The Goa Project belongs to you.

Read more about them on their blog:

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