The Founding Cohort: Adianta 2013

It’s been a long 6 months for us at the Adianta School and the number and quality of applications that we have received has far exceeded our expectations. We’re now concluding processing of applications for our full-time programs. We’re also in parallel sending out admissions acceptance letters and scholarship decisions and building the Adianta School cohort for 2013.

Our students and applicants are a really interesting bunch of motivated and inspired individuals, most of who in their own different ways want to bring about a change, have an impact, create something new and be innovators. Through our admission process we have met youngsters who have their own start-ups, are on the verge of launching a new project, have already designed some innovative devices. Some have founded companies that work with primary schools on curriculum and workshops, sustainable eco-solutions and more. Some guys working in the corporate world and are now cutting out to join us with a focus on doing something different that will have societal impact and then there are some individuals who haven’t yet created or built anything specific but are driven and show a lot of promise.

I am humbled and proud of this promising first cohort at the Adianta School. We begin classes on the 26th of August here in New Delhi. We look forward to having people over to hang out with all of us at our next Pecha Kucha on the 29th of August.

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