The Design of a Space for Dialogue

We went looking for a place to host our upcoming Design Public conclave some months ago, and had in mind a round or regular space, because we thought the architecture should reinforce the kind of event we want to have. We considered some several alternatives — the India International Centre has a hexagonal conference room on its roof, the India Habitat Centre has a similar space in its basement — before settling on the Taj Ambassador’s domed space.

The Design Public seating layout at the Taj Ambassador

We will be seated in circular rings, like a parishad, sanskrit for committee or conclave, literally a group sitting in a circle. We want every thought to be shared, so there will be post-it notes and other means for people to express themselves beyond raising their hands and waiting for a chance to speak. We will have very short presentations, tightly moderated, so the conversation can flow quickly.

There will be several case studies on showcase, as well as an exciting installation on a vaccine delivery services kit designed by CKS. These will be available for discussion and demonstration during our working and networking lunch.

In the afternoon, we will break out into three workshops, each addressing a different topic. Over tea, we will present back to one another, before going into our concluding session, where outcomes will be discussed and a path forward imagined together.

We have noticed that the design of communication is a critical challenge in our times, and that solutions that achieve effective communication are valued and travel quickly. If we can learn anything from the online universe in how we conduct ourselves offline, it would be to share, to build on other people’s ideas, and to work together to make new things possible.

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