The Book of the Month Club at Vihara Innovation Campus

Things have grown and changed tremendously at the Vihara Campus over the past many months since classes began at the Adianta School. We’ve also seen the Read Alliance come to life and the Bihar Innovation Lab begin operations. Many more young people are at work and study in our premises now than ever before.

I’ve felt the need for a common conversation on Campus for a while now. Whether people are working on consulting problems in agriculture or rural sanitation, or hosting public dialogues around the challenge of garbage management, we all need a common set of intellectual antecedents and theoretical tools with which to frame problems. One way we might take steps to ensure a common set of references is through an occasional dialogue around some of the large public-intellectual works of our time.

picketty coverI’m pleased to announce that we will be hosting the first edition of our Book of the Month Club at the Vihara Innovation Campus on Wednesday, June 18th 2014, at 5.00 pm in the evening. We will begin with Thomas Picketty’s Capital in the 21st Century, an important work that addresses the rise of inequality in our times.

No registration is required. Please read the book and join us on Campus!



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