The Adianta School Partners with Enviu

We at Adianta are extremely pleased to share that we have recently partnered with Enviu, a foundation based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands with a mission to help build companies that improve the quality of life of the BoP in a profitable and sustainable way. Together with a large community of committed people from around the globe, Enviu works to generate innovative business concepts and build partnerships to address local social and environmental issues. Enviu has been working in India for a few years now and has set up socially impactful businesses in Bangalore, Gujarat, and most recently, in New Delhi.

The partnership between Enviu and the Adianta School will be centered around projects and internships that will bring mutual benefit to both organizations. Enviu’s startups in India and other countries will provide internship opportunities to Adianta students, giving them the opportunity to work in socially impactful enterprises and learn about innovation challenges and processes through real-world experiences. The Adianta School, on the other hand, will align some of its student assignments and projects with the needs of Enviu’s startups. In addition, Enviu will also introduce potential faculty, advisors and mentors who could expand the Adianta network and add more value for its students.

In fact, we have already welcomed Jesse van de Zand, a social business developer at Enviu, as a mentor and are pleased to add him to the Adianta Network. Jesse works on the realization of several social businesses, in roles varying from strategic advisor or company secretary to the (interim) CEO. A tax and business lawyer by profession, Jesse worked for several years in the world of financing, mergers and acquisitions prior to joining Enviu. After this period he switched to Enviu, where he combines his experience in business with the social mission of Enviu, and works with social sector startups to help them realize their development from scratch, from the conceptualization of the idea through to its launch. He is currently based in Gurgaon and works on several start-ups in India, including a start-up named “Janta Meals” that will provide nutritious and hygienic food to the low income population of the urban areas of India, starting in Gurgaon.

We’re very pleased to welcome both Enviu and Jesse on board, and look forward to a successful partnership.

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