The Adianta School Partners with Akimbo

We, at Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation are extremely pleased to announce our recent partnership with Akimbo, a NYC-based technology start-up dedicated to solving the issue of global youth unemployment and underemployment. It has a rich media resume and online career development network which is a useful tool to serve the needs of young job seekers and entrepreneurs.

At the Adianta School, students are required to work on 90  mini-projects, over the course of one year, exploring themes related to innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship. Through our pedagogic approach of project-based coursework, students build a unique portfolio of their project work and also maintain blogs. This partnership between Akimbo and the Adianta School will provide our students with an interface that they can use to showcase their portfolio of work, share views and have discussions.  This platform will also increase visibility of our students to our mentors networks, their future employers and prospective investors into their start-ups.

We’re very pleased to welcome Akimbo on board, and look forward to a successful collaboration.

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