The Adianta School for Leadership & Innovation

We are introducing The Adianta School for Leadership & Innovation at the upcoming Design Public Conclave. It is a collaborative effort between some of the world’s leading innovation organizations, including Technische Universiteit Delft (Netherlands), NESTA (UK), SIX: The Social Innovation Exchange (UK) and CKS Consulting (New Delhi). Through a series of international conversations over the past five years, we identified the need for innovation—and innovation training—as a grand challenge for Indian society. Working together with Sam Pitroda and the National Innovation Council, we discussed how to create centres of innovation excellence to help address this problem. The result of those conversations is the Adianta School for Leadership & Innovation.

We take a unique approach to management education, one that teaches future leaders to Innovate, Build and Lead. Here is the Nine-Square-Grid that aptly describes our approach.

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