The Achievement of Change – how? (Part 2)

In an effort to show off their very proudly hand picked 20, Acumen India asked them a question, ‘How will the Acumen Fellowship help you achieve change?’ .
Below are some answers from the next 10 Fellows.

Sapna Surendran Sapna Surendran

I work in the grey and complex area of policy –practice gap. My domain and interest is in Strengthening Public Health Care systems in developing countries .The challenge for me has been to see tangible results from well-intentioned health policies to the creation of services that are beneficial and sustainable. Recognizing that Universal Healthcare is not possible without working with various stakeholders and sectors, I am depicting what I hope to gain through the fellowship.
In short, I am hoping to collaborate with a bunch of co-conspirators to change the way healthcare is delivered and received
Twitter – @Sthekkepat

Abhilasha Sinha Abhilasha Sinha

I wish to see India transform into a country of changemakers – people who are equipped to improve the quality of their lives on their own. A major step in this process is building sustainable organizations that maximize impact and empower communities they work with, to improve the quality of their lives. I am confident that the Acumen Fellowship will play a major role in shaping such organizations by :
1) equipping us with the skills and expertise to better address the issues we are passionate about and
2) making us part of a larger community to collaborate with and to learn from.

Jyotirmoy Chatterji Jyotirmoy Chatterji

In a reasonably fragmented social sector, I am very keen on fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing as means to create social impact at scale in India. In this endeavor, the Acumen Fellowship will be instrumental as it would enable me to leverage experiences and feedback of the cohort, network and expertise of Acumen in India and across the globe and also experience learning from world class training programs conducted as a part of the Fellowship.
Twitter – @jyotirmoyc

Kaushik K Kaushik K

I have a passion for converting aspirations to livelihoods by creating pathways out of poverty and thereby transforming lives of those often excluded. It is with this vision that I helped a setup and for the past 5 years been building B-ABLE, a new generation skill development institution that has today helped more than 50,000 rural youth of India connect to their dreams through training programs for market-relevant technical, commercial and life skills.
Acumen believes in leaders who stand with the poor, listen to voices unheard, have the audacity to imagine the world as it could be and the courage and ambition to work with resilience towards that imagination. My purpose for the fellowship is to become a leader who can listen to aspirations better, one who is able to create and implement transformations better and impact a large number of lives.

Prerit Rana Prerit Rana

I have just completed five years in the social development sector. Before that, I had an equal stint as an engineer. I moved to the social development sector in search of more challenges and a work of direct social relevance. After a brief consulting period, I started with a non-profit and corporate-subsidized model in the skills development sector. I am the co-founder and CEO of Agrasar, which is currently running five vocational training centres in North India. In last three years, we have trained and placed more than a thousand youth. Rather than settling with the popular practices, we have done experiments and learned.
Heading a 30-odd people organization itself is an exciting job and keeps me moving. However, it is time to make a strategic shift from the subsidized model to a financially viable one. I want to push myself to reach a stage wherein the intervention generates immense value for the industry/society as well as the trainees. Both must be willing to invest so that the initiative has its own life. The aim is to set up a financially viable social enterprise to complement the work we do in Agrasar. There are ideas in my mind which are needed to be further refined and tested.
I look to Acumen to enhance my leadership capability to face this challenge and provide me with a platform to implement my new ideas in a more assured manner.

Ihitashri Shandilya Ihitashri Shandilya

“I always knew I was born for a special purpose and to lead! However, it took me a little while to discover what that special purpose was. It was to promote my traditional art, to organize my rural artists’ community and to protect a heritage Indian tradition. I realized my life had the ultimate goal of taking several rural artists’ families towards the road of prosperity, against the turbulent times, the incumbent surroundings, where Art is not just another handicraft to be sold cheap”.

MITHILAsmita, a self-sustainable art venture, was founded to get the heritage art of Mithila ( Madhubani Paintings) & its rural women artists to the place they truly deserve. My battle was tough. I dreamt to bring in social securities for masses, which was more than offering them just their livelihoods. I felt lonely in making this dream a reality. Then ACUMEN was introduced to my life…and by the time I could realize I was already a part of this global family, which truly and deeply believes in the well-being of one and all, irrespective of caste, creed, race, gender or sex. It’s not just another Fellowship. It believes in bringing together and honing all such emerging leaders like me who dream of doing ‘big’ someday, not just for themselves but for so many underprivileged folks around us.
My Acumen Fellowship and my new global family has become my team & my strength to realize my ultimate dream of a better society, a better life for several rural Indian Artists…and I am not alone Anymore!”
twitter- Ihitashri@mithilasmita

Manjushree patil Manjushree Patil

I run a specialized instruction school for children with Learning Disabilities (LD).
Spending over two decades in the field of education (from a pre-school teachers to a principal), the one thing I learnt is that all learners learn best in ‘happy’ and ‘honest’ environments. My school, aatman academy, is giving LD learners just that! A safe haven, where their “world is without fear” and their “head is held high”, aatman academy aims to help children embark on a journey of self-discovery, not letting the world decide for them their worth and value by looking at their report card!
This fellowship is strengthening “my believe in my belief” that a school like mine is completely about exclusivity and not about exclusion in education! (This statement has been my ‘aha’ moment at the good society readings sessions during the first Acumen Seminar!)
The Acumen Fellowship is certainly adding immense credibility to me and my work. As a result of this, I am inching my way towards the change I want to see in a country, that still has not completely acknowledged or accepted the presence of LD among the school going population! The real change will be visible only 5-10 years from now, when we begin to see a whole generation of highly well-established individuals who will be able to openly share their challenges as LD learners, and attribute a part of their success to aatman academy……a place where they learnt to believe in themselves and succeed, not just ‘inspite of their disabilities….but because of the same’!

Ramakrishna NK Ramakrishna NK

Acumen’s mission is to change the way the world tackles poverty. For us at Rang De, there could not have been a better alignment of mission than this. I co-founded Rang De with the simple mission of making credit available to the poorest of the poor by engaging the civil society as social investors. This simple mission has now proved to be a game changer in the sector for which we have now proved the model and demonstrated our potential to scale. Being part of the Acumen fellowship platform has offered me an opportunity to share, collaborate and develop new ideas for change. I am certain that this platform will help me leverage my skills better to fulfill Rang De’s audacious goal of making poverty history in India.
Twitter : @rangde

Vasumathi Kothuru Vasumathi Kothoru

The Acumen Fellowship platform will help me in achieving my goal contributing to the change I want to see in India by:
Project : Offering micro banking solutions to a million people in India in partnership with 5 banks supporting and creating employment to 1,000 youth including women, making Indian economy vibrant.
Enhancing my leadership and entrepreneurial skills .
Networking for mobilising funds to make the venture economically sustainable and scaleable.
Socially and economically impacting many people and creating more employment opportunities in rural and semi urban area with the exposure to various other social initiatives.
Help in understanding various segments and enhancing my understanding of businesses and sectors which bring in change that I envision for India i.e equality and social justice.

Giridhari Bora Girdhari Bora

I aspire to see an India (or World) where every individual has a right to quality education, access to health care and opportunity to practice eco-culturally sustainable livelihood. Committed to the cause, I have dedicated my efforts till date to create solutions which shifts us positively towards such a state. Acumen, for the first time in my life introduced me to an amazing group of people who have similar aspirations and most importantly who are doing something about it. Acumen’s fellowship focuses on developing key skills in me, which will help me to explore, understand and define myself as a leader.

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