The Achievement of change – how? (Part 1)

With Friday evening’s Program launch cocktail reception just a few days away, Acumen India asked their 20 Fellows a question, below are the first 5 replies (How will the Acumen Fellowship help you achieve change? ) :

Abbas Adia Abbas Dadla

In 2012, when I joined Avanti full time, we were just a two member team in Mumbai, and passion and energy was the only prerequisite then. Today, we have already grown into a 20+ member team in Mumbai itself, and it overwhelms me, since, I have never had any formal training in management or leadership.
I am hoping that the Acumen Fellowship will help me become a better leader. And help grow the organization much faster and more effectively than it would otherwise have.
In addition, Acumen’s incredible network and the Fellows cohort has already provided me with plenty of experiences that help me prepare better for the challenges faced by early stage social enterprises. With this, I look forward to learn from them over the course of the Fellowship.

The best part about the Fellowship is that I do not need to step away from my organization as it allows me to build momentum and continue the work which i have been doing for the past couple of years.
Organization –

abhijit barse Abhijeet Barse

The prospect of learning from high achieving professionals and potential interaction with people who are accomplished in their fields is what excites me the most about the Acumen Fellowship Program. I believe that the perspective I will gain, will be immensely relevant to my work.
As someone who highly regards shared experiences and collaborative
development as a way forward, I believe that that manner in which the fellowship has been curated will be immensely useful to my journey of self discovery and growth. The opportunity to build a network of people from diverse backgrounds will also be invaluable to my personal development.
My work at Slum Soccer has been almost solely focused on sustainability. I consider this to be one of my biggest challenges and intend to continue working towards making the organization self-sustaining through social enterprise. The opportunity to brainstorm with experts who have successfully addressed this issue will help me adopt solutions and replicate them in the context of sports development in India.

Achyutha SharmaAchyutha Sharma

Design for Impact is a vision to see how design can change, enable and facilitate innovation and impact in India. While,the work and stakeholders see less traction and value in “investing” in quality design, Acumen recognizes the critical impact of design in their community’s work. Acumen platform allows me to connect with organizations across sectors, linking them to design at different stages of their work while demonstrating the value and impact. Acumen platforms allows me to personally learn and unlearn the journey of leadership which has little focus in the social sector or creative industry in India.
Twitter – @AchyuthaSharma

Prerak Mehta Prerak Mehta

Acumen fellowship is designed to enhance the operational, financial, leadership and above all moral imagination skills of each fellow. The access to the vast alumni network of acumen fellows, their partner and investee companies and support from the acumen staff is quite invaluable. I long to see a disruptive change in the way healthcare services are delivered in the under-resourced parts of the country. There should be an idle environment where healthcare related information is easily accessible & quality medical care is available at affordable prices. This brings us to the core values of Acumen which aligns simultaneously with mine, thereby, helping me take steps in the direction of achieving the change I want to see, in the form of this fellowship.
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Ram Barigela Ram Barigela

I am Ram and have been working with the sheep and goat rearers to enhance their livelihoods in the rainfed areas of India, mainly with a focus on the Telangana state. The focal points of my work include three aspects such as access to credit, effective delivery of the services and taking control over the markets. This kind of work is estimated to have an impact on about 2 million households in India. The Acumen India Fellow program will provide the necessary inputs, sharp acumen, link to the networks and also a guide to build a vibrant, more independent and self sustained organization for the sheep and goat rearers development in India. This organization will develop systems and design mechanisms to deliver the services in an effective manner. It is also a great opportunity to share the ideas and innovations with the co-fellows in order to develop linkages and networks across the country and with international communities. The fellow program will enhance my skills and knowledge; develop deeper understanding about the challenges, opportunities and also to work towards identification of possible interventions. Moreover, i look at it as an opportunity to enrich my knowledge of developing viable business models to address the complete value chain of the smallholders livelihoods. It will also facilitate and drive to develop a value based, transparent, participatory and democratic organization for improving the living standards of marginalized communities, which will create larger social impact in the country.
Twitter : rampalamoor

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