Here’s our third blog to the series of #InnovMAMPU talk, where we organised and facilitated an event for YSKK, called Tenunjam/ #TenunJam. This blog has a series of images that captures the essence and energy of the day, and concludes with a small section on collaboratively ideated design ideas that the participants came up with during the workshop.

#TenunJam was a day long design-a-thon organised by YSKK, who are aiming to improve the  livelihood of poor women in the villages of Kupang District by leveraging their traditional weaving skills. The workshop  was conducted at Coworkinc, Kemang, which provided   different spaces flooded with filtered light adding a nice ambience for the workshop. The event was supported by Living Loving, an online blog run by Nike Prima and Miranti where they share sources of inspirations for home decor, creative and living ideas.

The workshop began early for a saturday morning but our participants were enthusiastic to join us and passionate about having a productive day creating tenun products. The workshop saw tenun enthusiasts, designers,  professionals, lifestyle bloggers and professionals who contributed to TenunJam by bringing greater depth to the process. Teams were pre-divided based on the expertise of participants to ensure that teams are multidisciplinary and possess subject matter expertise. Tenunkoe named the teams similar to 4 weaving groups from NTT, i.e. Ie Hari, Kai-ne’e, Naubina and Sehati. Teams were given images and information such as weaving styles that were unique to their allotted weaving groups, model making materials, fabric and tenun samples.

The jam session was divided into three main parts discover, develop and define. Discover session  asked participants to board their inspirations through collages for designing new weaving products. While Develop was an open brainstorming session, where participants imagined their products and finally visualised their design  through drawings, and sketch models. In the last session teams defined target audience for each proposed products and mapped their lifestyles and buying behaviours.


As an icebreaker, groups were asked to come up with slogans, which reflected their high energy levels and set the wheels in motion for the workshop.


The workshop began with a short introduction to the YSKK and Tenun movement by Ibu Ana, the director of YSKK, who has been passionately leading the Tenunkoe movement for over an year. Vena, Manager of the Tenunkoe cooperative provided participants with an an overview of  Tenunjam’s history and Tenun inspirations.


The four groups started their journey to unleash various products and ideas for Tenun. Over here, Kai-ne’e group took inspiration from winter season and weaves of the allocated region, whereas Ie-hari found inspiration around the weave and the tradition behind Ie- Hari’s tenun.

An inspiration board developed by Sehati team, with values of recycling, reusing,upcycling and sustainability as  key concepts for Tenun Products.

Ie-hari group having an intense discussion for drawing up their inspirations for Tenun Products, and working collaboratively to put up a presentation.

Teams exploring and sharing their ideas for possible Tenun products, that could be manufactured by Mamas. It seems like it was an intense discussion for some and a fun activity for others.

Teams defining their target audiences, and mapping buying behaviours.  Here they had to figure out various aspects like; to whom can they sell their designed products, what will be the age group of their target audience , and how can they market tenun products?

The day came to an end, and the groups presented their ideas to our panelists, and got feedback on the  concept, design of tenun products and their viability. The feedback was quite constructive giving  teams and YSKK , some further directions to explore.

The panel included a wide range of experts from fashion and lifestyle industry and saw Chitra Subiya, a textile designer who runs Sejauh Mata Memandang, Indrasti Maria Augustina, director of YSKK, Nike Prima, co- founder of Living Loving, and Patricia Rivah Annash, a fashion stylist.


And the day ended with the same energy, where participants received participation certificates from Ibu Ana, as a token of appreciation.

Here’s an idea bank from Tenunjam event, which is very inspiring and might lead to actual Tenun products.

Ie- Hari: Ie-Hari, meaning ‘togetherness’ is a weaving group that uses distinctive, monochrome  motifs that reference the home, gender and family. Drawing from this inspiration the group developed a line of home products, hitherto unexplored by Tenunkoe,  including a clock, a lamp, tableware, and a coffee cosy. Appropriately called the House of Ie-Hari, this set of products relied on simple sewing, and assembling techniques that could be easily executed through Tenunkoe’s existing manufacturing set up.

Kai- Ne’e: The group was inspired by the winter season and how weavers of Kai-Ne’e make huge patterns and lengths of Tenun. The group members decided to take this idea further and design some bed covers and throws, which could be exported to other countries and  raise awareness about Tenun worldwide. The group also came up with cape and bags, which could be made out of tenun, and could be sold online to Indonesian market.

Naubina: The concept behind Naubina’s product was to make a personalized tenun-based clutch that could be used in various ways.  The group came up with a clutch bag which could be personalized with initials. It had a multipurpose strap, which could be used as a belt. The group decided to name the brand ‘Kembo’, a local slang for ‘cool’ in NTT. The product will be sold through an online platform and women between 25-40 were their prime users.

Sehati:  The group came up with the idea of DIY kit for Tenun, where users will have the option of creating products according to their needs. The thought behind the DIY kit was to be sustainable and to create something which could be reused in a different form and for different function.

Here’s a link to our Tenunjam journey and storified tweets, please have a look.


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