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The theme for Start-Up Weekend, Delhi 2014 was ‘Governance’. It was hosted at the Adianta School of Leadership and Innovation on 11th of April, 2014. Participants at Startup Weekend collaborated across six brilliant, innovative and very fresh ideas. Two days of non-stop thinking, idea formulation, debating, work and play (not necessarily in that order or priority at all), the following teams emerged :

#Team: i-Teach: A website that serves as a social media platform empowering teachers to make connections with other educators, share learning material, monitor job portals for vacancies, catch up with the latest research and a chance to collaborate with other academicians. The site also trains them in the usage of various web based tools and allows them to keep themselves motivated by staying up to date with the latest innovations in education.

 #Team: Clean Advertising:  A business model that uses the methodology “Use ME to advertise YOU”, by using dead space on dustbins in different regions to help a company attack market itself . Using a CSR(corporate social responsibility)approach, this allows the company/firm/organisation to support and help public cleanliness.

#Team: Happy Grievance: A public grievance portal that provides the data analytical framework as well as operational approaches needed for the implementation of result based accountability. It provides segregated entropy and opportunities to entrepreneurs, political science analysts, local politicians , non-governmental organizations and Citizens.

#Team: Hop Q: An app/service that will help reduce stress on transaction queues often found in places like busy metro stations. This app works in a manner similar to swipe/transaction cards that provide access through ticket counters, avoiding the queue for payment by substituting it with online remote transactions. Physical tokens are to be replaced with a QR code that can be scanned in real-time at at designated locations. The team will be approaching DMRC for field validation.

#Team: Juicy Visualizer:  The winners of the event Created a tool which could be used both as a website and an app. An engine for visual representation of scattered data to make better and informed decisions. The tool, which acts both as a website and an app, helps draw inferences from any input data coming from any source for just about any query. The inferences from the data are then presented visually so as to assist a user in decision making.

#Team: Reality Reporters: This team created an app based on a GIS- Geographic Information System concept, with the help of Google maps. The app works as a monitoring and reporting tool catering to the population of an area.

#Team: Pindrop: Team Pindrop created an app that uses an area pin code that searches for the relevant government officials and their contact details so that a user can seek redress for an issue or a grievance at hand. In case the relevant official is not responsive, or a user is dissatisfied with the response/solution, the issue is auto-escalated to a senior official. Issues that have been raised can also be viewed as they sorted by pin code and city.

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