Teaching, Training and Doing Innovation in India

This second panel at the Design Public Conclave will focus on the state of education on innovation in India. If in fact it is true that innovation is not really understood in India, can we agree that it is the education system that requires transformation in order to better prepare us for innovation? This panel will ask the question of whether it is possible to transform India into an innovation society by offering a new kind of innovation education.

However, this then requires us to ask what it means to teach innovation. Since innovation is itself a dynamic, practical, hands-on process, it is necessary for the education of innovation to be equally hands-on, energetic and participatory. This will then require new forms of curricula, new forms of teaching, and a reimagination of the way education systems are designed. The panel will bring together educationists and practitioners of innovation to talk about the problems of India’s current education system, and to discuss ways that it must be transformed in order to train people in how to innovate.

Panelists include J.C. Diehl, a professor of Design for Sustainability at the Technical University of Delft, who has wide experience in designing solutions for users at the bottom of the pyramid. Maryanna Abdo is an innovation expert with experience working with the Young Foundation and the Monitor Group, with a range of knowledge about both teaching as well as the practice of innovation, especially in social contexts. Anjali Monteiro, is Professor and Dean at the School of Media and Cultural Studies, Tata Institute of Social Tata Institute of Social Science. She has many years of experience as a professor, and an intimate knowledge of the design of pedagogy in India. Aditya Dev Sood of CKS is an innovation expert and consultant who has also recently ventured into teaching and training innovation theories, methods, and processes. He will soon be launching a School of Leadership and Innovation, the first such institute in India. The panel will be moderated by Niranjan Rajadhyaksha, managing editor of Mint Newspaper. Niranjan is part of the team that started Mint and is a 20-year veteran of business journalism, with a wide knowledge of the understanding and practice of innovation in India.

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