Taking Forward Innovation in the Challenge Tracks

The fourth panel at the Design Public Conclave will focus on how to take forward innovation in the four challenge tracks that were discussed on the first day of the Conclave. Discussion leaders from the previous day, along with sector-specific experts, will talk about some of the themes that emerged during the previous day’s discussion tracks and will address the large question of how cross-sectoral collaborative innovation and user-centered design can address these grand challenges in Indian society.

Our goal is to identify ways of building new coalitions and partnerships so that these topics go beyond the context of the Conclave. We hope to identify the particular lacunae in the local ecology, which may need to be filled through new investments or funding, either through private donors or through governmental investments.

Panelists include Mala Subramaniam, currently the CEO of Arghyam. She will talk about how design and innovation can help solve the challenges of agricultural sector in India and create a more enabling and supportive ecology for small farmers. Amy Lin is from Monitor Group, where she leads MIM’s work on developing social enterprise models that provide clean drinking water in low-income, urban communities. She will talk about how design and innovation can help solve the challenges of equitable water and sanitation in India. Madhav Pai, the Director of EMBARQ India will talk about the role of innovation in designing smarter cities. The panel will be moderated by Namrata Mehta, Director – Innovation at the Center for Knowledge Societies, New Delhi.

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