Sustainable Farming to Feed the World?

Industrial agriculture, with a focus on wide use of chemicals, fertilizers, and HYV seeds is often proposed as a solution to global food shortages. It is argued that the use of chemicals and fertilizers will increase the yield, protect the productivity of the crop, and enhance farmer’s income. Does hi-tech industrial agriculture really serve this purpose? Is it the only solution to feed the world? The video below brilliantly presents the answer.

In this snappy new video, Anna Lappé, from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, argues that industrial agriculture decimates small family farms, uses vast amounts of expensive “inputs” (fossil fuels, pesticides), and gravely impacts the environment. Sustainable farming, she says, could serve the planet just as well, especially if we made better use of the food we already produce. Global agriculture produces far more food than the entire planet needs to survive, but a large portion of it goes to bio-fuels, we waste a lot in the developed world, and food production centers don’t match up well with global population centers.

*Article from FastCompany blog. Video posted by Food MythBusters.

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