STUN at SWE – Delhi , NE Festival (aka Start-up Tunnel at Start-up Weekend – Delhi, North East Festival)

swedelgened Not too long ago, here at the Vihara Innovation Campus, we launched our very own start-up incubator, called the Start-up Tunnel or then simply, STUN. Bringing in a bunch of people with great ideas, but nowhere to go from there, are exactly the kind of people we welcome with arms wide open. With our extensive network of industry professionals and start-up junkie entrepreneurs, mentoring this seemingly directionless lot of (brilliant) headless chickens as and how they walk in through our doors is something we hope to pull off in a pretty complete and slick manner.

The ecosystem requires you to get cosy with some of the players in the atmosphere so that everyone is completely in sync. Apart from being the go to guys in the network, the Start-Up Weekend bunch are a very cool, progressive and initiative taking lot to hang out and work with; we’ve had some very close associations with them for quite a while now, even hosting the ‘Governance’ themed edition of the SWE – DELHI at our campus earlier this year. This weekend (7th-9th November, 2014) at the North East Festival in Delhi, they’re hosting a General edition of Start-up Weekend, and they’ve been awesome enough to invite STUN to partner with them at the event. We’re spreading word about the event through our networks, and we’re ALSO giving away a few spots among our first set of ideas/entrepreneurs/budding conspirators who come in to STUN in January, 2015 to get themselves off the ground. People who go for the event using the Vihara networks as a reference also have a special discount code giving them a 20% discount on their registration fee. At this point, I’m not sure why you’re still reading this. Write in to and ask for the discount code. GO REGISTER

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