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imgAs those of you who have been following this blog know, we’re now just about 4 days way from our special edition of the Design Public conclave, Health Public. (For those of you who have not been following the blog, we’re still about 4 days about from #hpub – Health Public).

For the last several months, the Bihar Innovation Lab’s team of researchers led by their Director, Divya Datta, have been gathering data through field research in Bihar. Their first project as part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grant (through the ANANYA partners program) deals with the issue of Maternal and Child Healthcare in the rural context, with the state of Bihar in focus. Basing themselves out of Patna, with various forays into the more remote areas of the state,  the team have been exploring the various situations that provide case studies and reasons as to why there are failures in terms of providing adequate care to expectant mothers and then their children soon after childbirth.

Defining their care period as a 1000 day cycle, which starts at conception and ends at the child’s second birthday, the team have been working on certain innovative solutions to these failure cases, some of which have already been put out and shared on this blog. With Health Public just around the corner, the team are working 24/7 to be able to present all their exciting ideas at the conclave so that there is a call to action that leads to the front line of rural healthcare.

With these issues and larger problems being presented in the form of several larger plenary sessions, our esteemed partners at organisations such as PATH, Care, a few independent consultants have agreed to come forth, align with us and speak their piece. There will also be various people leading breakout sessions to deal with smaller issues as part of building solutions to a larger problem.  Some (Lysander Menezes – PATH and Anna Schurmann) have already shared their thoughts with us as they prepare themselves for the conclave. We hope to see more speakers share a little thought speak with us this week as we lead up to conclave.

With the promise of high level, thought provoking and intense conversation, the striking up of innovative and effective partnerships and alliances, people breaking down personal/professional barriers to join forces to combat a common foe (of sorts, because if not for a little drama, there would be no real way to glorify and herald what we see as being the starting point for a real healthcare revolution), and many more events in the same vein, Health Public – A first Time Health Innovation Edition of Design Public is happening this Friday, 22nd August at the Vihara Innovation Campus.

Do show up - at a lot of levels, it is poised to be some little snowballing share of history in the making.


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