RA Innovation Workshop-Promising Ideas By Delhiites!

The Delhi Innovation Workshop of the READ Alliance was able to take out many brilliant innovative ideas, which are displayed below…


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Name: Lopa shah

Idea: I Love reading

Potential collaborators: Kanupriya, Amarjeet, Alysha,Swati,Sunil, Anneli, Ritika, Antony

Voted amongst the top 5 Ideas: An Innovative model to help children read and stay in school.

The Idea: Scale up “I Love Reading” Program to other states and countries by partnering with other agencies, incorporating technology / e-learning or distance learning for outreach. Setting up of demo sites and provision of onsite training.

What we need to make it work?

Search for partners. Entry point for government schools and government systems.  Identify technology partners and vendors.  Publish case studies and white papers to showcase the good work.

What about the idea makes it doable?

Proven results in Delhi. Cost-effectiveness and can be scaled through capacity building.

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Name: Shibi Jose

Idea: Library

Potential collaboraors: Abhitosh, Tanya, Alysha

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Name: Rajesh Khati

Idea: Share your Books- Let your children enjoy books that your child liked.

Potential collaborators: Kanupriya, Amarjeet, Alysha

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Name: Antony

Organization: Katha

Idea: Read and Unite- Read and Learn to step up- Voted amongst the top 5 ideas by the participants.

Read, Learn, step up in your life for a better society.

The Idea: Reading out loud in public gathering area where conversations/dialogue happens  to improve  reading skills, communication skills, vocabulary development and critical thinking.

What need to be done to make it work?

News papers, Pamphlets containing series stories. Stand for placing them where common meetings takes place. Reading Volunteers  (person form the community who enjoys reading)identified in the village and able to encourage/facilitate others to read as they gather. Boards for writing quotes discussion points.

What about this idea makes it doable?

Giving orange cap (incentivising) to volunteers as recognition to create awareness and interest in the community.  Pamphlets containing local information and opportunities.

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Idea: I read U read We Read!

This Idea was voted amongst the top 5 ideas by the participants.

Name:  Alysha

Organization: ISLI.

The Idea: I read you read we read.

 Creating a sustainable culture of reading at home by engaging parents.

What is the idea?

Empowering school leaders to encourage parents and families to build a culture of reading at home. Create school based reading groups for parents to create and promote literacy.

What we need to make it work?

School buy in (School leaders + Teachers). Parent engagement with the school.  Appropriate reading material +quantity.

What about this idea makes it doable?

It allows children to discuss books outside of the school in smaller setting (more contextual). Allows parents to participate in child’s learning. Bridges gap between school and home. Low cost and impactful.

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Idea: Reap Alliance (Reading, Enhancement and Achievement Project)

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Voted amongst the top 5 Innovative ideas.

Good Questions are the way to it.

The Idea:  Encourage equality and questioning in classrooms. Fostering a culture of thinking about the assumptions behind any rule as well as its implications. It encourages to offer autonomy to learners and facilitators.

What we need to make it work?

Discuss and find champions. Run model schools/mentor schools. Scale the model through association.


TEACHERS READING MOVEMENT- Voted amongst the top 5 ideas by the participants.

Name:  Anneli

Organization: HPPI.

The idea: To use the existing structure, system and resources. Focus on DIET teachers training programme and inculcate best practices in reading to it.

What we need to make it work?

Match between theory and practice of reading writing skills where teachers learn and teach.

It uses the existing system innovatively and efficiently, it is like oil and use the wheel.

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Potential Collaborators: Abhitosh, Tanya, Ejji

photo 2 (4)

Idea: Literacy-Load=Learning

Potential collaborators: Ritika, Lopa, Kanupriya

photo 3 (5)

Name: Amarjeet

Organization: Katha

Idea: KASM( Katha all in school mission)

Potential Collaborator: Ritika

photo 1 (6)

Name: Keerti Jayaram

Idea: Growing Readers

Potential Collaborator: Tanya Suri


photo 2 (5)

Name: Tanya Suri

Idea: Reading for Meaning- Empowering the school team!

Potential Collaborators: Rajesh, Kanupriya, Anneli, Alysha, Antony


photo 3 (6)

Name: Bonie

Organization: USAID

Idea: Print Nation

Potential Collaborators: Priyanka, Lopa, Keerti, Ritika, Antony, Rajesh, Swati


photo 4 (3)

Name: Abhitosh

Organization: CKS

Idea: Concept a Month/30 bulbs of exploration


photo 5 (4)

Name: Sunil

Idea: Group Formation


photo (1)

Name: Ruchi

Idea: Listen, Talk, Read- An innovative program to support children read!





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