Sketching, Soft-Board and Cubicle of thoughts


Cubicle of Thought

Early December 2014 – Vaccine Delivery Kit (VDK) Team shifted from that little round table to a designated cabin. Despite all the background buzzing noises & exit door just by the space, we still are very happy with the allotted space. Finally, we could put some order to all the mega bundled chaos of information in our head, and put it up in an organized manner.

Our underlined approach is to use the research material from the extensive studies done by the VDK Team in 2011 & the Landscaping Team in early 2014. Once we got done sorting the data, we jotted down all relevant doubts & queries regarding VDK usage. On our time-line dashboard, Post-ITs emerged as one the major tools used to capture our action-points/milestones. (Fun-fact : Believe it or not, Post ITs make us ‘smart’ 🙂 )


Post its Make you Smart

We eventually realized using our information bank that every query had a problem which was associated with it.

In parallel, we were sorting out & filtering data & gathered information from the big bucket of resources. Collecting, collating, screening, filtering, editing, segregating, categorizing, printing, and filling up the empty soft boards & panels, dividing the space etc. formed all our regular tasks which finally put together our interactive space

With all the segregated queries, the filtered data & design hypothesis in place, we are currently trying to solve it all through our loud thinking, rapid-brainstorming, sketching, discussions, mock-up models etc.




This newly formed space also pushes our intentions to use it as a space to solve the Psychology behind clutter. In the middle of a random discussion, just looking within, we were in super clutter, working for ANM’s (Auxiliary Nurse Midwife) clutter free workspace. Wow! It wouldn’t work if we were to start assuming behavioral aspects. Designing for such a kit, there are always fears as to whether the organized space acts as a catalyst or not for the ANM? Will the users fall out of their comfort zone. To understand this, we have decided to try this out with ourselves.


Before – Clutter around


After – Clutter Reduced


On to the TODO List:

#1: We are about to expand our 2-member-team. (Looking forward to welcome them on board)

#2: Then, the Field Visits, to Bihar. It is very critical at this stage to have data on current usage, which would act as a real-time insight on human behavior w.r.t. our product usage.

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