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The READ Alliance is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by the Center for Knowledge Societies (CKS). The READ Alliance is a new forum whose goal is to spur an early grade reading movement in India by providing a forum that brings social and the private sector together

To address the challenge of weak reading abilities, we believe that it is vital to first define and understand the contours of the problem. Looking at reading from the perspective of the child we realize that the child requires certain necessary interactions to develop her or his ability to read and to enjoy reading. In order to address the grand challenge of early reading, we must identify the necessary learning interactions and the system deficiencies that impact these interactions. Solutions must then be built to make up for these deficiencies.

This analysis took the form of a report synopsis, Seven Steps to Reading. The report identifies seven critical challenge areas, each of which must be addressed to achieve the goal of India’s children reading with proficiency and comprehension. This analysis gives the report its name.

The seven steps that have been identified in the report are-
1. In early years of life, the child needs to be raised in a nurturing, stimulating and caring environment.
2. The child needs access and exposure to and demonstration of reading and stimulating visual materials including books, electronic media and environmental print during the early language development phase
3. The child needs to receive skilled guidance within supportive, encouraging environment to develop basic reading skills ranging from phonemic association to syntactical awareness, semantics and comprehension
4. Literacy skills already acquired by the child need to be reinforced through practice and continued learning.
5. The child requires instruction and opportunity to engage in deeper interpretations of read material including literary, analytical and logical interpretations of the text.
6. The child at the stages of basic and proficient reading needs access to a variety of stimulating texts on various subjects and in a range of formats.
7. It is essential for the child to have access to and participate in a community of reading, either through her or his peer group or across generations.
READ Alliance (@READ_Alliance) is hosting having a tweet chat on these 7 steps from 7th till 13th of April from 4-6pm. Each day we are covering one step of the reading. Today’s topic is the second step of reading.

We hope to see you on twitter

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Relevant twitter hashtags
#7s2r (Main hashtag for twitter marathon- Seven Steps to Reading)
#EGR challenge

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