Self-Discovery: The Basis of Leadership

What are the elements of leadership which young people in India lack or fail to understand? I’ve spent some time now, working with young people in different ways over the past decade, and I can see three broad areas where they could use help: discover, communicate, interact.

Discover what? Discover themselves. Young people are naturally curious about the world, about ideas that traffic on the internet, about places they have yet visit, about experiences they have yet to have. Amidst the lively, sparkling, distracting world around them, they must have the opportunity to discover themselves. What are they good at? What is hard for them? What life-skills do they need to improve to achieve their goals? What are their goals? What are their passions? What kind of impact do they seek to make in this life? What kind of purpose and meaning do they wish construct out of their life?

One important way to sort this out is through writing. Organizing one’s thoughts in a linear structure that one can look back upon, improve, share with others, improve upon. Without writing there cannot be sophisticated, reflective, interior thinking. We want young people to maintain a blog, share that blog with the world, and so discover their voice.

We also want them to think about the world and its problems, to search for where new possibilities may remain hidden to improve it. To look within is eventually to discover the world anew, but to now be able to act upon it with vision and purpose.


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