Scaling Up Health Innovations

Last week, the PIT team began clustering and filtering their ideas and concepts around possible solutions to problem of establishing patient identity in MCH in Bihar. The initial phase of ideation and conceptualization resulted in an ideas bank that consisted of extremely wide ranging ideas – from tech solutions like mobile apps, SMS based platforms, an i-Taveez with an RFID chip to non-tech solutions like a health wallet.

While the diversity in our concepts boosted our enthusiasm and determination, filtering them presented us with the challenge that lies ahead- that of addressing the ever-looming problem of scalability.  We began to ask why some really innovative and effective solutions to improving maternal and child health in low and middle-income countries are slow to be translated into policy and implemented at scale?  How do we increase the coverage of our interventions in order to benefit more people?

As we enter into our design phase, it becomes imminent to understand and identify the most scalable elements of innovation. Our secondary research shows extensive literature on innovative small-scale community based solutions in MCH from all around the world, but very few of these innovative practices, products and technologies achieve the scalability quotient.  As a starting point, the PIT team is delving deeper into identifying factors influencing the lack of or limited adoption and scale up of innovations in health and other sectors.

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