Revisiting Village Health, Sanitation and Nutrition Day

“teeka dilwane aate hai yahan bacche ko, teeka lagega tabhi na hoga baccha swasth, yahan teeke lagvane se adikh koi aur jankaari nahi milti.. gaon ke bade buzrg khan-paan ki jankaari de dete hai”

The state of Bihar is rapidly garnering a lot of coverage w.r.t  greater immunization.The focus of Village health, sanitation and nutrition day (VHSND) so far has been immunization. It is now time to increase scope of VHSND to include family planning, nutrition, along with immunization.

The site is viewed by beneficiaries and health workers for provision of vaccines and some basic medicines. The government mandate is to ensure overall well-being of mother and child with a provision to impart comprehensive health knowledge through counseling resulting in behavioral changes.

The BIL team is closely working with CARE to make the VHSND site more than just an immunization site; to bring an overall change in the experience and facilities at the VHSND. For the last one month,the team  has been working on making prototypes and designing possible solutions around 5 areas: ORS/Zinc tablet distribution and visibility, family planning methods, complementary feeding, nutrition and immunization.



At the site the most crucial thing is to ensure visibility and create curiosity among the beneficiaries for services. Simple processes like redesigning the packaging of products like ORS solutions, condoms, IUCDs and nutrition supplements will ensure that the beneficiaries feel the need for these products and hence will demand them for consumption The team is designing for both, beneficiaries as well as health workers so as to experience better service provision and greater health benefits. The focus is not only on introducing new things or re-designing the old but also on designing the workflow management of the health workers and patient experiences.


The team is gearing up to hit the field at the earliest to test the solutions in order to make the VHSND site into a comprehensive health care site.

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