Rethinking the Adianta School Curriculum

rethinking asli curriculumWe are now coming to the end of a grand experiment. For the past nine months the team at Adianta has been working tremendously hard to produce 90 workshops organized into 9 different modules over three quarters. Over this journey we have met so many amazing people from all walks of life, and recruited them into joining us as founding faculty and working with our inaugural cohort of Adianta students.

A new cohort will be joining us soon, and it is time for us to look back at what has worked and what we will do differently in the coming year. I’ve already had several conversations with students and some faculty to try and get feedback and advice on what we can do different and better. On the basis of these interactions we already have a few thoughts on how to rethink the program.

If our last year was designed like a nine-square grid, this new year will be more like a xylophone or an unfurling fan: a series of short sharp immersive experiences designed to upskill our cohort in particular ways. Simultaneously, there will be new threads that interconnect these blades: project work, a reading group and mentorship sessions.

cartoucheOur thinking is that the program must start even more intensely than we did the last round, and that we should be willing to let students leave the course if they can’t keep up. They must hit the decks hard, changing their way of working and living in the world within the first two months of the program, so that they can capitalize on those new skills thereafter. We will add more coding skills to the program and spend an entire segment on prototyping. We will end the program as we did this time, looking at systems and how to change them through innovation.

We are planning a series of conversations with our faculty cloud through July to institute these new approaches. We’ll keep you posted…


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