Rethinking Self, Field, and Business design!

Here is a quick snapshot of our workshops from last week. It gave our students a great insight into business modelling for medium-sized enterprises, taught them principles of self-reflection and helped them develop an ethnographers perspective to taking pictures.

The workshop on Business modeling of a medium enterprise by Jatin Modi(@PoornViram) turned out to be a rather interesting session as he spoke about operations of mid-sized industries. The students made a business canvas model of a live case study through Ishan Khosla Design and calculated the profitability of the company which was later presented to the class. The students also learnt about profitability through a hypothetical case study of ‘Google’. Alex Osterwalder’s 9 building block business canvas proved to be a great guide for compiling field data. Attendees also learnt to deduce the extent of a company’s success by calculating the ‘breakeven point’.

The workshop on September 20th titled ‘Know Thyself-styles of thinking, learning and being” gave the students an opportunity for introspection and hence helped them reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses. The session started with a role play with individual introductions using adjectives like bold, sentimental et al. The students were divided into two groups and did a mutual review to assess how well they could perceive each other.

Saturday’s class followed up with a full day spent in applying the ethnographic technique of participant observation in a micro and a mini assignment through the day. Madhusudan Atri, design researcher and photographer, spoke about better visual representation of ethnographic data. The micro assignment consisted of a still shot portrait and a still life shot of subjects on the field while the students covered a subject on the field in ten shots in the mini assignment. The session was concluded with presentations, a review and a general discussion on converting these stories into a photo blog. Yet another eventful week here at Adianta. It gets busier next week with more workshops on Visual culture mapping and other visual techniques of representing field data. Come in for a free workshop at the school to know more about us. See our facebook page  for event listings and more.

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