Combating Diarrhoea in Bihar with ‘Daast Shastra’

While the VHSND (Village Health, Sanitation, Nutrition Day) Redesign team keeps a tab on every issue regarding Maternal and Child Health, one of the most critical issues that affect the child’s health in the growing years is childhood diseases. Of these, Diarrhoea kills many children.

The team has been working on how to highlight Diarrhoea cases to make the beneficiaries more aware of the preventive measures by increasing its visibility and accessibility. Below are some concepts which the team plans on testing on field later this month.


“दस्त शस्त्र”




This consists of a cloth pouch, which holds a polymer glass, 2-4 packs of ORS, and a strip of Zinc. The glass will have a story board strip (primarily visuals, keeping in minds the low literacy rates) which explains how to make ORS and Zinc and also talks about Home remedies if the same is not available in stock with FLWs (Front Line Workers).


The pouch comes in different colours with vibrant coloured glasses inside which also adds to the desirability and hence builds demand.

IMG_6935_1  IMG_6936_1 (Mock ups)

Looking forward to seeing if this product creates enough curiosity to increase the demand and awareness about Diarrhoea solutions.

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