Repositioning Contraceptives Methods- Boosting Public Acceptance

imagePerceptions revolving around Family Planning as a concept varies from culture to culture, place to place, home to home.  Though the basic idea of Family Planning is present in the cities of Bihar but it is mostly thought of in terms of sterilization and not in terms of birth spacing or delaying first child bearing. This is due to a number of factors. There is a section of the village population which is unaware of the methods of birth-control. Another section of the population has an indifferent attitude towards birth-control measures. Also most importantly most of the communication around family planning is targeted at the woman (wife, mother) and not at the key decision makers like mothers-in-law or husbands. Platforms like VHSND. There are also a number of myths around the usage of contraceptive measures and the inconvenience caused by them- it might lead to impotency, cancer, etc.

With all of the above problems looming in a most threatening manner, the VHSND team under Bihar Innovation Lab is currently at work on the design of a family planning kit. There are a few aspects that are kept in mind while designing the kits, which is what makes them different from any ordinary pouch.







So what all will the Kit do:

  1. Awareness

First and foremost, the Family Planning kit seeks to spread awareness about the existence and usage of contraceptive measures. This could be in the form of pamphlets or story boards, etc that would find their place in the Family Planning kit, enabling the user to understand the importance of the measures and their usage. The kit will also be designed in a way that the communication is placed in a way that it reached the husband.

  1. User- Centric Design

For any design to be successfully incorporated into the system, it is important to keep the user in mind. The Family Planning kit keeps in mind the properties of easy usability, aesthetics and gender specifications which would enable the user to imbibe it into their daily lives.

  1. Visibility

One of the major problems that occur in regards to FP is that people are unaware of the fact that they can avail these methods either from the ASHA or at the VHSND site. Therefore we seek to design a kit which makes the contraceptive methods visible at the site and does not remain within the confines of ANMs bag.

  1. Multiple Usage

The Family Planning kit follows the principle of multiple usage where the kit would act as more than just a kit. It would act as, say, a mobile pouch, purse for women or have other such uses which would encourage the user to avail it.








Of course, all these are just ideas and further testing them in field can provide answers to how much can this impact the current practices and behaviors. So wait and watch for regular updates on this.




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