Reasons For India’s Low Rank In The Innovation Index

This slideshow highlights some innovations that have emerged from rural India in recent years, and examines the reasons why these smart and useful ideas have not received the attention they deserve. These invariably arise from insufficient funding, lack of government initiative, and unavailable networks of angel investors. Further, there is also a gap in converting a good idea or invention (such as the earthenware refrigerator or the amphibious bicycle) into a successful, sale-able, implementable innovation. All these challenges, and more, have contributed to India’s low rank in INSEAD‘s recently released Global Innovation Index for 2011, which in turn is somewhat narrow in its guidelines.

The ranking is based mostly on innovations done commercially through the industry or through the academia and does not look at the kind of work that is done in the informal sector, where life itself is turned into a laboratory.

See the slideshow: Why India Ranks Low in Innovation

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