Read to Kids, one handset at a time


A screenshot of the portal. Available in several languages.

For the past few months, CKS has been working with Worldreader to understand reading behaviours in low income households in Delhi. Worldreader in partnership with Pearson is running a two- year pilot in India to promote pre-literacy skills.We have been speaking to all possible reading partners for a child aged 0-6 years, the group has included parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, teachers, grandparents, neighbours among others. Through these interactions, we have gathered insight into current reading behaviours, regular mobile use, perceptions of reading as a joyful activity and appetite for an intervention like this among others.  The research has been informing critical decisions for the team regarding appropriate content, strategic messaging, usability of  the web app and above all, an indepth understanding of the target users. IMG_8258This portal will have free books for parents and other caregivers to read aloud to children and enhance their pre-school skills.

Recently, some of Worldreader’s team members joined us in the field where they had a chance to observe field protocols and converse with the respondents.

IMG_8171David Risher, CEO & Co-Founder wrote a few words about his visit and shared a video of Tahira, one of our respondents from Gautam Nagar, who enjoyed reading through the portal with her young child. It’s moments like these that keep the excitement going and remind us of the impact that we will be able to create.

Read David’s original post here.

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