READ Alliance Early Grade Innovation Workshop

The participants have gathered. The Seven Steps to Reading are displayed around the space. These steps make up the framework for innovation in early grade reading developed by the READ Alliance.

The idea is to allow the participants to understand the Seven Steps and the challenges posed by ground realities in India that make achievement of each step a difficulty for children, especially those at the bottom of the pyramid.

check out this page for more on these Seven Steps.

Aditya Dev Sood introduces the participants to the idea of brainstorming and quick conceptualisation. “Build on others’ ideas”; “Don’t shoot down ideas- your own or those of others”; “Be open to thoughts that may seem crazy at first, but may give fodder for thought to the group”; and some more.

The idea behind any kind of innovation workshop and co-creative activity undertaken by the READ Alliance is that of Collaboration: what we can do alone, we will do better together. This idea, when applied to early reading, means that we can attack the many challenges that face early reading from several different points of view, and bring skills and knowledge from varied areas to create multidimensional solutions.

Today’s Innovation Workshop is also aimed at helping people develop innovations that can be supported by the READ Alliance, through its EGR Innovation Challenge, more information about which can be found here.

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