Random Hacks of Kindness

If you’ve followed the news about various natural disasters in the last few years, you may have noticed some interesting high-tech tools being used to help survivors in a number of different ways.

Apparently, more than a few of those tools have been developed by a collaborative program called Random Hacks of Kindness:

The RHoK community has already developed some applications focused on crisis response such as I’mOK, a mobile messaging application for disaster response that was used on the ground in Haiti and Chile; and CHASM, a visual tool to map landslide risk currently being piloted by the World Bank in landslide affected areas in the Caribbean. Person Finder, a tool created by Google’s crisis response team to help people find friends and loved ones after a natural disaster, was also refined at RHoK events and effectively deployed in Haiti, Chile and Japan.

There’s a number of RHoK events being held in cities around the world this coming June, from the 3rd to the 5th. Here’s a list of events.

There’s one in Bangalore.

Random Hacks of Kindess (via @alwalji)

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