Public Presentations from each Innovation Breakout

14811636509_89bdb498b6_o The Breakout session discussions at the Health Public conclave eventually filtered into constructive results as innovative conceptualizing sessions rolled out in form of presentations based off six major key challenges recognized. With valuable inputs from our imminent panelists, thought-driven initiatives on innovation ecosystem, integrated service deliveries, ideas for better maternal and child health care delivery in India were brought forth. Emerging directions, opinions on challenges (roadblocks) and opportunities (outcomes) entailed these sessions, concluding with productive feedback on developing this process further. Key challenges identified by the Bihar Innovation Lab team include:

1.Moving from Cookie Cutter Care to Patient Tailored Care

2. Graduating Towards a Mother Centric Health Ecosystem

3.Building a Self-Aware Healthcare Delivery System

4.Building Service Accountability towards Citizen Community Demand

5.Strengthening Service Delivery Infrastructure

6.Creating New Data Recording, Performance Evaluation and Incentive Structures

IMG_3189 Recording and thereby integrating maternal health status such as abdominal circumference, BP pulse and temperature is proposed. This data would in turn help medical practitioners identify mothers who need critical attention. Moreover, precautionary suggestions for mothers would also be made available emphasizing its importance a notch further.

Educating the mother-in-law and mothers is equally important, they need to be aware of available facilities, prenatal services, a nutritious diet and other vitals. These sessions were followed by a discussion on a need for empowering Frontline Health workers(FHW’s) and facilitating an exchange of relevant ideas across cultures in respect to attitudinal resistance and catering to services falling within the broader ecology of maternal and child health care. It is vital in shaping a sustainable demand for the same.

Data Reporting and indexing was also a major concern to flawlessly execute the humongous task at hand. Analyzing on field research findings could give valuable insights towards evolving policy making. Likewise, bringing the best in technology  from a global standard to eliminate local issues could be the way forward for the Bihar Innovation Lab.

For all this to happen there needs to be an interface between the public and private sectors and a complimenting structured mechanism, for we hope to see even better days in Indias’ maternal and child health care sector through relentless efforts and thoughtful planning!

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