Performance Reviews and Employee Feedback in Real Time

Wired features Rypple, a web-based performance review/productivity/management system. Rypple has gained some notable investors and collaborators recently, including Facebook.

After a nine-month pilot project inside Facebook, Rypple on Monday is releasing the product, called Loops, to the market. “Workplace productivity has been stuck to a 50-year-old, paper-based performance-review cycle,” says Daniel Debow, Rypple’s co-founder and co-CEO. “Now there can be rapid, continuous learning and feedback. We can capture social interactions and turn them into data, into real useful feedback.”

Rypple, whose investors include PayPal founder Peter Thiel, is part of a new crop of startups that put intensive feedback loops to work using simple technologies — in this case, the web — to gather data and play it back to users, with the goal of improving behavior — in this case, employee productivity and satisfaction.

With Rypple, feedback comes through four feeds: input from coworkers, either anonymous or identified; “thanks” messages from coworkers; tracking progress towards work goals; and coaching from supervisors. The Loops product, which the company will sell for $9 per employee per month, gathers these four feeds into one channel for a rich, robust, continuous performance review.

Here’s what some of the functionality looks like in practice:

Wired – How Facebook Uses Feedback Loops: Meet Rypple

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