Pecha Kucha Global Night #28 : Creativity meets Commerce


Can we even utilize creativity itself as a form of commerce, if yes, how do we protect creative output against commercial necessity? 

This Pecha-Kucha #28 featured 9 individuals who brought to the fore their unique ways of seeing, thinking and making - intelligently combining creativity with commerce. This gathering was in partnership with The Coalition, Startup Tunnel and Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation.

It was Friday! but this time we decided to make the party at the sprawling lawns of Vihara Innovation Campus in New Delhi. As planned the Pecha Kucha Night began by 7 p.m. and here is a traffic update of Delhi roads, outside.

Meanwhile, the Bak Bak cafe : featuring delicacies from talents in-house, treated our participants to yummy cakes and chocolates. Of course stimulating a networking session which ensued.

Bak bak bak bak bak bakaaaaaaaaaaak!

Bak Bak Cafe

Hail Bak Bak Cafe 🙂














We started off introducing our partners for the day : The Coalition – a one-of-a-kind platform in India aiming to serve as a bridge between creative ideas and upcoming lucrative businesses.

The stage was now open for our participants to share their ideas, learnings and future course of action. An insightful session with great conversations indeed, have a look at the speakers here.

Thank you all for being part of this event, we hope there will be many more talks on creativity and commerce that we intend to be part of in the coming times. Till then stay connected and join us around the next time as we meet to exchange ideas, think out loud and bak bak for a while 🙂 Read more

Scene at Pecha Kucha @ Vihara Innovation Campus

Scene at Pecha Kucha @ Vihara Innovation Campus

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