Pecha Kucha Night Delhi #27 – The next 4 Makers

TroyShirsendu “Troy” Karmakar has worked in software for 10 years and is now running two companies which help designers and makers bring their products to reality. QREOH is a crowdfunding platform for independent designers which helps designers get pre-orders on their designs. Solidry is a 3D Printing service which takes out the hassle of setting up and running a 3D Printer. He is passionate about the maker movement and likes to build stuff. He was previously working at SlideShare, LinkedIn before starting his entrepreneurial journey.


SnehaCyriacSneha Cyriac has a degree in industrial design from California College of the Arts, and has worked in Stockholm, Berkeley and Sao Paulo on service design, design/business strategy and architecture projects. She now works for the Bihar Innovation Lab at CKS that is working to innovatively find solutions to issues pertaining to maternal and child health in Bihar. While she is deeply involved with the social and cultural possibilities of design, she is passionate about maintaining her connection to craft and is always interested in continuing to create beautiful and functional objects. Her favourite cereal is coco puffs.


RajeevBakhedaRajeev Palakshappa represents Bakheda,a platform that encourages cross-pollination of culture and ideas guided by a strong DIY spirit. A nesting ground for collaborative and spontaneous actions, the space can serve as a studio, a gallery, a workspace, a performance venue, a pop up stage or a secret meeting place. Bakheda was founded in New Delhi during the summer of 2013 by a handful of passionate individuals wanting to experiment with the collaborative economy.



Dhruv Nagpal has been interested in the ways we learn after graduating structured learning. He has often been placed in situations where one has to figure out solutions to problems without much help and guidance. The knack for researching the information required for ones project/work/life is something that intrigues him deeply and the vast amount of information that is shared without any self interest on the internet humbles him. Makerspaces are a manifestation of these values of sharing, research and learning and their role as an educational institution to supplements schools is something that he strongly believes to be true.






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